Play With Your Math problems are designed to have low floors and high ceilings, but  designing a task which has a high ceiling can be really complicated. Take, for instance, 18. X-Factor: Of all the possible numbers I could have chosen for this problem, why did I choose 12? Here are three reasons. To make … Continue reading Ceilings

9. Four Fours

I meant to blog about this problem about 10 months ago, but better late than never. Highlight: We got student-supplied answers for 1-100. Lowlight: Those 100 answers did not come from 100 different students. In fact, one student was able to come up with about a third of them himself. We got some but not nearly … Continue reading 9. Four Fours

13. Thirteens

Source: NRICH Maths – Elevenses Why did we choose this problem? Good Play With Your Math problems: involve some sort of “play” before choosing a specific strategy. have a low floor (accessibility and entry point) have a high ceiling (need for more complex mathematics) have a succinct, accessible, intuitive wording and visualization This problem meets … Continue reading 13. Thirteens

5. Maximaze

Source: Math Arguments 180 – Day 24: Arithmetic Challenge We tried this problem a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it. We created our own maze, took the operation-number pairs from the original version (Copyright(c) 2003 Ryosuke Ito), added a few extra pairs to fit our larger maze, randomized the operation-number pairs, and started brainstorming strategies. … Continue reading 5. Maximaze