#MTBoS 2016 Blogging Initiative

The school year thus far has been rather challenging. I have been constantly working and yet always falling further and further behind. Blogging felt like a vanity project that I could not afford to prioritize over lesson planning, grading, supporting other teachers, writing recommendation letters, and so on. But I worked hard over vacation, and … Continue reading #MTBoS 2016 Blogging Initiative


Hope & Despair

I recently saw this article, and I thought the "reason for despair" and "reason for hope" conceit was good food for thought to get me blogging again. This year, I find that I am constantly vacillating between hope and despair. Instead of talking about the state of education in general, I want to talk about the different … Continue reading Hope & Despair

13. Thirteens

Source: NRICH Maths – Elevenses Why did we choose this problem? Good Play With Your Math problems: involve some sort of “play” before choosing a specific strategy. have a low floor (accessibility and entry point) have a high ceiling (need for more complex mathematics) have a succinct, accessible, intuitive wording and visualization This problem meets … Continue reading 13. Thirteens