What do you think when you see … ?

I've fallen behind in the MTBoS blogging initiative, but my one day weekend turned into a four day weekend thanks to some well-timed snow, and it's time to catch up! This year, I have been preoccupied with how students forget so much, so quickly. This year, I am teaching AP Calculus, which means that I am … Continue reading What do you think when you see … ?


My Favorite: Completing the Square

Grad School: Take 1 I essentially learned how to teach math by thinking about how to teach completing the square. In my high school methods class with Yolanda Rolle, I was paired up with two of my classmates (Mary Feeley and Amanda Miles) to prepare a lesson on completing the square which we would then … Continue reading My Favorite: Completing the Square

13. Thirteens

Source: NRICH Maths – Elevenses Why did we choose this problem? Good Play With Your Math problems: involve some sort of “play” before choosing a specific strategy. have a low floor (accessibility and entry point) have a high ceiling (need for more complex mathematics) have a succinct, accessible, intuitive wording and visualization This problem meets … Continue reading 13. Thirteens